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Upper Lip Twitching – Causes, Treatment and Superstition

Many different muscle groups can be affected by the so-called fasciculation. These are involuntary contractions of the musculature. Those affected cannot control them.

In addition, the facial muscles and limbs may also be affected. It is important to distinguish between the regular twitches and the irregular ones. Thus, these can take place rhythmically or even once. However, the frequency and intensity of the twitches can be found in the respective cause of the disease. Clearly visible contractions are called myoclonus. However, if no actual movement is generated, this is called a fasciculation.

Attention: muscle twitching is not always the result of illness. Even when falling asleep muscle groups twitch in 70 percent of the population.

However, this phenomenon is harmless. A detailed guide to winches can be found here.

Causes of Twitches

Not every cause has to be linked to a disease. Therefore, simple things like stress or mental imbalance are enough. Here it comes to twitching of various muscle parts, but not stop. Muscle twitches can have different causes. Causes include illness-related disorders. Especially when it comes to neurology, muscle twitching can often be a side effect. The symptom can also occur with poisoning (eg heavy metal) or due to alcohol consumption. Very often it also comes to muscle twitching and stiffening due to a magnesium deficiency.

In epileptics, however, there are very strong muscle contractions, which may vary depending on the nature of the disease.

Here, however, the nature of epilepsy must be considered more closely. Inflammation of the brain may also be associated with muscle twitching. This would be very dangerous and for this reason should be clarified by a doctor, people may experience muscle twitching. Again, the symptoms can be very noticeable if a more frequent twitching should occur.

Common causes of muscle twitching are:

  • Stress or mental imbalance
  • Magnesium deficiency
  • Alcohol use Poisoning (eg heavy metals)
  • Nervous disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Brain inflammation

Diagnosis & course

As soon as a predominantly strong pain occurs or stops, the first investigations are pending. Here, the doctor can, after the symptoms already mentioned, consider which methods are useful for the examination. A detailed discussion will discuss the exact process. Previous injuries as well as taking medications are important criteria that the doctor should learn in advance. Because these too can lead to feelings of tension and pain in the chest occur.

Further examinations can be directed to muscle strength, reflexes and sensibility as well as stimuli. Blood tests are also very advisable. High concentrations of certain substances as well as metabolic diseases could also be a cause, which clarifies it. If these things do not provide information, then an EEG or an EMG can be made. EEG for measuring brain activity EMG for measuring muscle activity Whether epilepsy is present can be determined using these methods. In addition, it can be found out whether the origin is nervous or muscular. Data &

Frequency Diagnostic data and frequency statistics

The most common cases occur in adolescents under the age of 15 and in those aged 65 and over. Of these, about 58 percent are men and 42 percent are women. In addition, the frequency is more pronounced in some states than in others, which of course is not only due to the number of inhabitants. Stress-related reasons can quickly lead to the condition without getting sick.


Many people panic when they can no longer control themselves 100 percent. Therefore, it can lead to mental illness. In addition, it may happen that the doctor first weighs and recognizes possible more serious illnesses too late.

Therefore, the complaints should be explained as accurately as possible. This includes the intensity, the affected muscle parts and the exact frequency and at best the time of day and the external circumstances, if they are known. Only then can the doctor order an exact examination from the very beginning.

When to the doctor?

When should you go to the doctor with muscle twitching? As mentioned earlier, the occasional onset of muscle twitching is almost always harmless.

However, if it regularly comes to involuntary muscle contractions, then a doctor should be consulted, as well as a serious illness may be behind it. If the muscle twitching additionally comes along with pain, then a rapid doctor’s course is recommended. This may possibly be a nervous disorder. The appropriate thing is to contact a neurologist.

Treatment & Therapy

Once a diagnosis is made, the appropriate treatment can be initiated by the attending physician. For epilepsy, a drug treatment is appropriate.

Thus, the onset of symptoms is prevented or at least minimized (depending on the nature and degree of the disease). Epilepsy leads to strong muscle contractions and must be treated with medication. If a meningitis is detected, so must drugs in the game, since it can otherwise be life-threatening for the patient. As (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a known nerve disease, which brings a strong muscle twitching with it.

This is an incurable disease that can only be managed by therapies for a long time. Physio and ergo therapies are part of the treatment. Not always is the muscle twitch disease-related nature. In these cases, it is often sufficient to sort your life circumstances. Stress should be avoided as far as possible. The diet can also pay off in a positive way.

Tip: If the jerks are associated with pain, then a supply of magnesium is suitable. In some cases, the family doctor prescribes appropriate preparations or is available with further tips. Preventing muscle twitching

Preventing and curing muscle twitching

In itself, it is not possible to prevent this symptom. That’s because it’s not always about a disease. The causes are also very different.

However, it is a good thing to keep your diet healthy and generally to look after your own well-being. Stress should also be avoided as much as possible as it is a frequent trigger for muscle twitching. In order to make everyday life as stress-free as possible, it is advisable to take several small breaks every day and spend them in the fresh air.

Relaxation exercises such as autogenic training and yoga or Qi Gong can provide relief. A detailed guide to stress, its causes, treatment methods and what else you can do about it, can be found here. Not infrequently, the muscle twitching but also come back to a magnesium deficiency. In these cases, of course, the symptom can be counteracted by a sufficient intake of the mineral. In severe cases, dietary supplements can be taken or even given injections. Usually, however, simple foods such as lentils, bananas or whole wheat pasta are sufficient.

Attention: If the muscle twitches appear strong and / or over a longer period of time, then you should urgently consult a doctor. The faster the cause is recognized, the better and more thoroughly it can be treated.

Home remedies and alternatives

Alternative methods of treatment, natural remedies and home remedies Home remedies and alternative remedies can help, especially if a harmless cause is behind the symptom.

But even with more serious triggers, home remedies and alternative treatments can sometimes be used as a supplement. Below you will find the best proven remedies for muscle twitching.

In case of stress

If you have a busy day and suddenly there is muscle twitching, then the cause is probably in stress. There are numerous home remedies and alternative remedies that can help. First and foremost, you should consciously and deeply breathe. But even a walk in the fresh air can do wonders. In case of muscle twitching, however, it is also helpful to lie down, relax all muscles as well as possible and consciously do breathing exercises.

Also medicinal plants and medicinal herbs such as valerian, hops or passion flowers can help against stress. In addition, there are also various homeopathic remedies such as Aconitum, Coffea or Cocculus, which can help to relieve stress. In order to treat the stress in the long term, the following measures also help:

  • Stress is a frequent trigger of muscle twitching
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Autogenic training
  • Homeopathy
  • Naturopathy (medicinal plants and medicinal herbs)

In magnesium deficiency

In many cases, it is due to a lack of magnesium to the annoying twitching of the muscles. A deficiency of this important mineral leads to disturbances in the communication between muscles and nerves. In most cases, you can easily eliminate the magnesium deficiency by changing the diet. People who exercise, are pregnant or have a lot of stress have an increased need for magnesium. The following foods contain a lot of magnesium because magnesium deficiency often causes muscle twitching:

  • Wheat bran
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Cashew nuts
  • Dark chocolate
  • Peanuts
  • Whole grains
  • Oatmeal
  • Bananas
  • Peas
  • Emmental

Other remedies

Depending on the cause, other alternative treatments such as osteopathy, acupuncture or massages are also used for muscle twitching. Also hydrotherapies and methods to strengthen the immune system are promising in many cases. In addition, various homeopathic remedies can help. Helpful globules in a muscle twitch, for example, are Agaricus muscarius or Antimony tartaricum.

More information about homeopathy treatment can be found here. In addition, a treatment with Schüssler salts can take place. This may be the Schüssler salt No. 7 – Magnesium Phosphoricum or the Schüssler salt No. 2 – Calcium Phosphoricum.

Superstition about lip twitching

Have you ever wondered what it means when you, for example, shake your left upper lip or right ear? If you have not done so now, you may now do so. As there are explanations for the many human phenomena that our ancestors thought, so these beliefs have obviously been born. It is interesting that people are almost common with everyday occurrences on the human body, with the propagation of the future.

I did not find out from which country superstitions came from, but there are many cultures in which the twitching of an eye can be something completely symbolical and you can even learn a lot about what is about to happen to you. twitching of each part of the body means something as well, so to help you find the symbolical meaning behind each twitching body part, we have listed all the reasons behind body parts twitching. Here are all of them, so hopefully you are going to find what you are looking for or what has been bothering you all this time.

  • The tip of your head is twitching – it benefits you or you will have a son
  • The back wrist twitching – some stranger will come and bring gifts
  • Twitching the head on the left or twitching of the head on the right – you will be a judge
  • Twitching of the head to the left – you’ll be in a nice in a cheerful society
  • The twitching forehead – you will hear bad news, but it will not be a great deal of damage
  • Cheek twitching – bad news will sadden you, but afterwards you will rejoice
  • Twitching on the forehead or between the eyes – you will go to the road and be well accepted
  • Twitching over the right eye – you’ll keep the debt you’ll receive.
  • Twitching over the left eye – everything you have imagined will be accomplished
  • Twitching of the right ear – you will hear the good news
  • Twitching of left ear lobe- you will hear the bad news
  • Twitching in your right ear – get good news and cheer
  • Mouth Twitching – bad news will bring you sorrow
  • Twitching of the upper part of the right ear – expect fighting and quarreling
  • Twitching of the upper left ear – you will get good news from your friends.
  • Left Eyebrow Twitching – your children will be on successful at something
  • Right Eyebrow Twitching – this year expect abundance of food
  • Both Eyebrows Twitching – Expect Joy
  • The skin between the eyebrows Twitching – a friend will cheer you up
  • Twitching in your right eye – what you want it will make you realize
  • Twitching of your eyelids – you will have some honor for you, but that will cause you to grow up
  • The outer right eye of the right eye Twitching – you will get fired
  • The inner right eye of the right eye Twitching – you get a son or you will do a good job
  • The outer corner of the left eye Twitching – you will get a male child or you will have a happy life
  • Left upper cap Twitching – means fight or quarrel
  • The left lower cap Twitching – you will get bad news
  • Twitching of the right upper lid – expect joy
  • Twitching of the bottom right lid – you will get a new friend
  • The whole nose is Twitching – the bad news is waiting for you
  • One side of the nose is Twitching – you will be honored or you will work hard in something
  • The lips on the upper lip – will come to you unknown guests
  • Twitching of the lips – you will win the enemies
  • Twitching in both lips – you will love your friends
  • Bearded Twitching – you will meet a person who will cheer you up
  • Twitching in your right shoulder – you will be healthy
  • Twitching in left shoulder – you will be sad
  • Twitching muscle on your right hand – you will be sad
  • Twitching of the muscle on your left hand – you’ll find it lost
  • Twitching of both hands – you will become an important person
  • Twitching in the lower part of your right hand – you should not start a job or be afraid of what you have done or what you do
  • Twitching in the lower part of your left hand – you will get happy news
  • Twitching in your right hand – you will be merciful
  • Twitching in your left hand – you will avoid bad news and be happy
  • The right thumb of your right hand Twitching – what you want, you will get
  • Twitching in your right index finger – you will receive bad news
  • Twitching in right hand fingers – whatever you do, you will go all the way out of your hand
  • Twitching in the right ring finger- you will be happy
  • Twitching in your right finger – you will hear the news that will not be true
  • Twitching in thumb, index finger and middle finger on your left hand – you will win in quarrels with the enemy
  • Twitching in the left ring finger- you will receive good news
  • Twitching in your left little finger – you’ll quickly spend your money