Top 50 Psychological Facts About Boys

Women and men differ in many things, starting from anatomy, through the fact that women mature before the men and have a different way of thinking.

Men and women mature differently

It’s a simple biological fact. Women mature much earlier, while men have only two phases: puberty which lasts infinitely long, and from which they are sunk directly into senility. Joke aside, the fact is that in younger age women are much more mature than their male peers. This is easily noticeable in the way they are talking and acting in the years of puberty.

Men are “enchanted” by thinking more about the work, while women are more dedicated to family and child-bearing, for which we should thank the evolution that has just directed us to do so.

If you look at the roles of men and women through history, it is clear why this happened. In ancient times, men went hunting, while women remained to care for their offspring. Today it is no longer the case, but the power balance has remained less and more the same. It is also an explanation of the fact that women are mostly more sensitive than men who often lack empathy. These are, of course, general facts about men and women which don’t have to be a rule for everyone. Some men are more sensitive than some women, and everything depends on the way we were raised and on our genetics.

In today’s text we are going to talk more about some psychological facts about men and see how they behave in love.

1. Men are not clairvoyant, so you need to tell them straight-forward what you want without going around and making up excuses for your behavior.

2. They hate being used for the purpose of making someone else jealous. They love to be the most important people in your life, so neglecting them and using them can cause a problem.

3. A man can take his relationship very seriously and become possessive. So be careful of these men and avoid them.

4. They don’t like when women smoke cigarettes or drink too much.

5. They adore girls who exercise regularly and take care of their bodies.

6. Girls who can’t hear the truth, shouldn’t ask men anything since they usually are straight-forward when asked something.

7. Concluding a difficult conversation with ‘good’ or ‘whatever’ is not considered acceptable.

8. If you want to kiss him, just ask.

9. Do not expect guys to talk sweet things like they do in movies.

10. Men have insecurities, especially about their bodies, just like women do.

11. A man who loves you wants him to be the only man you talk to.

12. He will sacrifice his lunch money only to get you a rose bouquet, if he really loves you.

13. Men often need to be convinced that you still love them.

14. Men do not care how wonderful you are, so goodbye, adios and sayonara if you are mean to them.

15. When it comes to intimacy, all men like to experiment and try new things.

16. Men are more emotional than you think. If he liked you at one time, he would need a lot more than you think to forget you and he will crave you every second.

17. They will do almost everything so you notice them.

18. He does not dedicate time to details. So if you cut your hair by two and a half centimeters, do not expect him to notice it immediately.

19. Men look at other women, and there is nothing you can do about it. Women look at men as well, so as long as he is faithful what is the harm?

20. What he said six months ago cannot serve as an argument in a discussion. All comments will expire after seven days.

21. ‘Watching a Game’ is considered an acceptable excuse for postponing any serious talk.

22. Cooking makes the woman more attractive. Love does come through stomach.

23. You must not be angry if a boy refuses to connect your friend to one of his friends.

24. Nothing will give you the right to operate the remote control.

25. The only thing that needs to be said after being intimate is „good night“.

26. Video games have helped men to develop finger skills that only encourage them to play more often.

27. Criticizing his driving is unacceptable.

28. His hanging out with the boys is a sacred thing. No questions should be asked about this.

29. Believe it or not, 99.5 percent of the time he did not want to hurt you.

30. A man can flutter all day, but before he goes to bed, he always ponders about the woman he really cares.

31. Men hate talking about their past relationships.

32. If a man talks about his problems, he only needs someone to listen to him. You do not need to give him advice.

33. Do not be ridicule him if he cried after a good sports movie, even though he laughed after your crying last night because of an emotional flick.

34. Comment something like ‘you know what?! Hmmm … It does not matter … he is going to do what he thinks is best, and probably it is going to be different than what you had in mind. Never do it!

35. He proves his love to you when he teases you.

36. He loves you more than you love him.

37. No matter how much men talked about passion, personality is the key.

38. When a man says he’s crazy about a woman, he really is. They rarely say it.

39. If he asked to talk to you, listen carefully. This does not happen often, and when it happens, you have to know something serious is going to happen.

40. The man has more problems than you can see with the naked eye.

41. Guys talk about girls more than girls talk about boys.

42. You like when a man invites you to dinner and pay a bill, right? You see, and he likes it when someone does it for him once in a while.

43. For a man it is natural that his eyes wander.

44. Not that he does not want you to be happy, only sometimes does not know how to achieve it.

45. He would give his right hand if he could read what’s happening in a woman’s head for a day.

46. Not all men are stupid. Just because one of them is a fool does not mean he is their representative.

47. When a man sacrifices his dream and health to be with you, he does not just do it for the reasons you think he is doing that. That means he likes you more than you can imagine.

48. Even if you left a man you loved a month ago, he probably still loves you and his only wish to come back to his life.

49. Men prefer women with brains over women who are superficial.

50. He likes to lose time on video games and football; this is simply what he likes to do.

Psychology facts about guys in love

Even when it comes to love, men and women can be quite different. Sometimes we want them to listen to us but they simply feel like this is a waste of time.

Men show their love through everyday gestures such as showing up on time, paying for the bill, walking you home, asking you whether you got home safely and things like that. Expecting them to be like heroes from romantic flicks every day is unrealistic, so we should respect their efforts on daily basis, no matter how small they are.

1. A new update to the “call-in-three-day” rule: If you feel the chemistry during the first date, 97% of men will invite you within 72 hours, and not after three days.

2. Most men always claim to have between 4 and 10 sexual partners. And they certainly want the number of partners with whom you have been to be less than 10. Hm, who is lying there?!

3. The guys usually say that they were rejected by girls who are dependent on online romances. Therefore, keep that in mind when starting an online romance.

4. It is less likely that single guys describe themselves as “happier” than married men. But, once they find that perfect girl, this becomes a thing of the fact.

5. The younger they are the more spontaneous and more risky they are. The frontal cortex of the brain, which controls the impulses, has reaches its full development in about 25 years.

6. Men prefer women who express their disagreement with them. When a woman says “yes” to anything, a man feels the lack of her determination means that another man would easily sweep her off her feet. So, “maybe” is still a good option.

7. If you want to feel relaxed at the first date, talk about the facts (say, the architecture of the building you moved into), not your feelings (how much stress is affecting you). The male brain, by nature, does not process emotions as well as women’s.

9. Three-quarters of men say they will call the girl again to go out with her, if the first date turns out to be optimistic and fun.

10. You do not have to work too hard to show that you are interested: men are much more inclined than women to interpret an optional conversation as flirt.

11. Cafes where sports are usually watched are great places to enjoy a date with a man. Not only because there aren’t a lot of girls, but because a sports fan atmosphere causes a rise in testosterone levels. But that does not mean you need to run to a café right now and have a cup of coffee as a competition, just keep that in mind next time you call a boy out.

12. Men are more traditional than women think. When they are single they like to experiment, but when they decide to marry someone they want someone who is more traditional and not as wild.

13. 36% of men in the world are married by 25, and 61% by 30.

14. Characters who say pop-culture-based replicas (“Did you see it on YouTube?”) Or discover something about them (“I usually do not go to noisy places”) try to show that they have the potential for a stable partner.

15. The masculine facial features on the face – a strong beard, pronounced eyebrows – more often than other boys have non-binding relationships, and spend less time in stable relationships, which is the consequence of a higher level of testosterone.

16. They claim with enthusiasm that the biggest misconception girls have about them is that they are more interested in the female body than their personality.

17. They will waive their status symbols even if you convince them that the girl would rather be witty than a rich man.

18. Most boys like to talk, for the first time, on the phone for less than 10 minutes.

19. a lot of candles in his apartment are there with premeditation – he probably bought them to impress you, or was left by their ex-girlfriend.

20. Themes for an optional casual chat that guys really hate? Number 1 – his ex. Number 2 – his financial situation.

21. Recent research has shown that men with a deeper voice have more children than men who talk with elevated tonality.

22. Parts of the body which make them insecure are his stomach, wounds on his body, small shoulders and his chest area. However, almost a quarter of them claim that the appearance never makes him insecure in any way.

23. Almost two-thirds of single boys would prefer to get in a relationship rather than continue their single life.

24. When a guy from the other end of the room smiles at you, it’s an invitation to meet you. If you ignore it afterwards, he will soon become too nervous, and not interested.

25. About half of the guys like girls that seem to be a little bit mean.

26. Twenty-one percent expect you to stop seeing others as soon as you start to go out with him, but most of them say they expect it after about a month of dating. Eighteen percent waits months and 10 percent believe that an exclusive relationship begins as soon as you make love.

27. Ninety-five percent of them love when a girl pulls out the first move at the first date.

28. A significant number of men visit online profiles on social media and most often Google you before they go out with you.

29. The biggest problem about men is when you share too much intimate details, like what you especially loved with your previous partner. And they like to date a hard-to get girl. So, silence can sometimes be the right answer to some questions.

30. Almost half of the boys do not want to get married until they can provide a place to live. Forty percent wants to wait until he is able to pay for a nice wedding. So don’t think he is not serious about you, he might just be thinking a lot more forward.