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One Eye Bigger Than Other – Genetics, Causes and Treatment

Perfect symmetry is a product of the human mind and in nature this ideal, which dates back to ancient Greece, is absolutely unworkable.

There are no perfectly round lakes in the nature, a tetrahedron mountain or a perfectly flat riverbank. It is also impossible to have an absolutely symmetrical face or body.

The beauty is in symmetry – asymmetry

Having a perfectly symmetrical face would not be as interesting as it seems to you, and this is shown by some experiments that prove that two perfectly symmetrical faces can be creepy. Small irregularities are what makes our appearance look like and what makes us unique. The world would be boring and unimpressive if we were all perfectly perfect.

However, it has been shown that symmetry is, though not absolute, what is subtle in our partner’s eye. Especially the male is weak about this kind of harmony. Women with a symmetrical face are more desirable, easier to come to positions at work, have a wider circle of friends, and have a larger number of partners. And for women, although the dominance of the partner plays a key role in the sub-level, symmetry is one of the most important components of attraction.

At unconscious level we associate asymmetry with physical illness or some physical disadvantage, and with such a person, unconsciously, we do not want to look at genetic material. Likewise, unconsciously, we conclude that this person, due to his physical disadvantages, is also drawing some mental problems, so maybe asymmetrical his face may be unattractive.

On the other hand, the symmetry of the face and body at the sub-level level indicates good genes.

Face and body asymmetry

Man does not have the same two organs. Although it seems, our eyes, ears, hands, legs are not the same. One side of the body is always stronger than the other. It depends on whether you are left or right and on which side you are sleeping. One side of the body is therefore more often exposed to stress, so the muscles of that body are naturally stronger and more developed. As much as they are trying to equalize the eyebrows, one will always be lifted, and this is happening because of the daily pressure on one side of the face. Face symmetry depends on the relationship between the forehead, the eyes, the nose, the oblique bones, the lips, the forearm and the base of the lower jaw.

People are more and more dissatisfied with appearance and facial asymmetries, which is normal because the face in our culture is constantly exposed to the looks of others but to irregularities in the body that are easier to conceal the clothes.

Genetic and Non-genetic Asymmetry

Genetic asymmetry is mainly related to internal organs, and when it comes to external organs, it is very poorly primitive. Non genetic asymmetry depends on external influences: the job that man is concerned about, whether he is engaged in sports, whether he is exposed to some physical injuries, etc. Reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries can also help in both cases and in the case of other types of symmetry. A large nose, limped ears, or uncomfortably small lips are natural mistakes that can easily be resolved and provide you with a better quality of life. If the symmetry of your body is damaged by some injury or illness, then the causes are obvious. Facial asymmetry is the treatment of the disease.

Asymmetry of the face (asymmetry of the left and right half of the face) is a significant difference in the shape and size of the left and right part of the face. Facial asymmetry is a cosmetic, neurological, dermatological and dental problem.

Face Asymmetry – Causes

Facial asymmetry is caused by innate or acquired external influences or internal problems in the body. The inherited causes are: abnormal skeletal bone structure, jaw hypoplasia, formation of temporomandibular joint pathology, unilateral pathology of neck muscles, discomfort in connective tissue and muscles.

Obtained external or internal causes:

  • Injury, inflammation or tightening of nerve endings of the nervous face
  • Jaws and facial injuries, facial fractures
  • Breastfeeding, absence of teeth on one half of the jaw
  • Visual disorder, followed by the development of strabismus
  • Systemic connective tissue disorders, soft tissue hemiatrophy
  • Muscular or neurogenesis of torticulosis (in children)
  • Harmful habits (chewing gum on one side of the jaw, sleeping on one side, attaching one eye).
  • In addition, facial asymmetry may occur due to natural aging of the body or due to age-related illness.

Symptoms of facial asymmetry

Asymmetry can be natural and pathological. In the first case, the difference is not very pronounced. The difference in the size of the face does not exceed 2-3 mm and is practically unclear due to unprofessional appearance.

Pathological asymmetry is characterized by marked differences in facial symmetry. Symptoms associated with other symptoms and signs: facial muscle weakness on one side of the face, widening of visual cracking, difficulty in muscle movements, speech and articulation disorders, difficulty in diarrhea, pain in the affected nerve (with neuropathic nerve faces), and others.

Face asymmetry in children is most commonly manifested with symptoms: smooth half face, smaller forearm, head tilt to the side of the defect.

Face Asymmetry – Diagnosis

Diagnosis is based on the results of a visual examination, revealing the asymmetry of the face, asking the patient about the causes. They also reveal the fact of possible injuries, pathologies of the muscles, nerves and teeth.

By means of special facial proportional devices, measurements are made using two parameters. The pathological difference is greater than 3 mm and 5 degrees.

You may need to consult a neurologist, dentist, oculist, and neurosurgeon. If necessary, complete neurological examination, skull radiography, CT or MRI face is performed. Face asymmetry can be the right side and left side.

Facial Asymmetry – Effects

Unexpected facial asymmetry does not require treatment. If the difference in size is expressed, the patient must undergo an examination to determine the causes of asymmetry and treatment / correction.

Treatment of facial asymmetry

Correction or treatment of facial asymmetry is required with a distinct difference in size and shape. The choice of correction / treatment depends on the reasons of asymmetry.

With lower tone of muscle, use of moostimulation and gymnastics for facial muscles, face massage. Correction of asymmetry helps the selection of hairstyles, makeup for women, wearing of mustache and chin in men. To correct the expressed asymmetry, orthodontic treatment, maxillofacial and plastic surgery are used.

Neuralgia of the facial nerve requires treatment in a neurological hospital, electromyography, myostimulation, massage, physiotherapy.

Possible complications of the diseases and conditions caused by facial asymmetry are face myoclonus, muscle twitching, abnormal tension of the facial muscles, friendly muscle activation on the face. Asymmetry of a person can cause psychological complications of a person (neurosis, loneliness, aggression, depression). Basic preventative measures acquired by facial asymmetry: maintaining a healthy lifestyle, timely treatment at a doctor, visiting dentists, avoiding harmful habits.

Droopy eyelids as a cause for asymmetry

The most common cause of dropped lids is the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin around the eyes – in other words, aging of the skin. The skin on the eyelids and below them is the most sensitive, thin, and like many other things in life, and it just drops in those spots.

The excess skin above the lining is often closely related to the formation of fatty deposits in this part of the face, with the eyebrow lowering or the middle part of the face. Most of all these are the effects of aging of the face and skin.

What do you need? Tighten your face and start with it beforehand. If you do not know how to perform it and restore skin’s firmness and elasticity, read the Alexandrian experience. For a short time she had been able to tighten the skin, wrinkles, wrinkles and relaxed skin.

In addition to this apparent reason, the cause of dropped lids may be smoking, fatigue, problems with the thyroid gland. This kind of skin-leaked skin eyelids in this area below the eyebrow is called dermatohalasis.

This condition must be distinguished from the condition in which a drop occurs, in the sense that the eyes appear to be half-dyed. This condition is much more difficult to cause skin aging and is much more than aesthetic problems. It’s called a cap.

Other causes of dropped lips or dermatohalas may be:

  • the gravitational effect
  • the weakening of the connective tissue of the lining
  • they are exaggerated by the sun and the consequent collapse of the collagen
  • disorder in the work of thyroid gland
  • genetics
  • violations
  • kidney disease
  • poor diet
  • too much alcohol
  • lowered shutters cause

How to lift droopy eyelids

Lifting your lids is a way to keep your eyes peering back and make your face look younger and more rewarding than ever.

Lifting the lids can be done in several ways:

  • surgical
  • natural methods
  • by practice
  • using cream

We will explain the advantages and disadvantages of all these ways.

Lifting the lids is often aesthetic surgery performed mainly in local anesthesia. During this procedure, a cut is made on the eyelids with the intention of removing the excess skin that hangs, removing or removing fatty deposits that make the eyes look overwhelming and tired and that the shapes are different than needed.

This procedure is called Blepharoplasty, and besides the lowering of the lids under this name, surgical interventions involving the removal of bones under the eyes are also performed.

There are several approaches to this surgical method, in the name of what is the cause of dropped lids. The cut can go from the outside of the lids, when it comes to relaxed excess skin on the lids. If you are fattening the stack in question, the operation is done on the inner side of the cap, through the vein.

This is a fast and efficient way, but it is also quite painful. After surgery, treatment with antibiotics is followed because there is always a risk of infection. Also, islands and bruises can also occur and the problem with the eye coat is due to the inability to close the cap for a while. For this reason, eye drops or “heavy tears” are prescribed. If it lasts longer than 3 months, you must be notified for review.

Some of the more difficult complications of lash lifting include infection, duplicate image, visible scarring, shrinkage of the caps, caplessness, over-correction or removal of too much skin. Lifting lids can also be done with laser devices.

Using creams

If you are interested in lifting your lids without surgery, are you wondering if there is any crease for drops that specifically affects this problem?

In essence, when skin skincare is the problem of skin aging and collagen and elastin loss, any wrinkle creams that wear a face may benefit you. However, as the eyes are sensitive regions and it is not advisable for the unwanted substances to penetrate the eye, we advise you to be careful – both in application and in the selection of creams. Natural ingredients that are mild and cream-free with no harmful chemicals are certainly the best choice.

You can look for creams that contain caffeine, peptides, herbal ingredients that promote the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen, or face vitamin C. Read the declarations or consult with an expert face.

There are creams on lowered caps in the market, especially designed to correct this deficiency. They are formulated so that their active ingredients make the skin tighter. And here, look at the cream without parabens, but on the basis of natural ingredients. For the best effect, you can use them twice a day – in the morning and in the evening before bedtime.

If you are not willing to earn a bonfire go to a knife or laser, you can try some of these ways to lift the caps without the surgery that we have extracted. We tried and some were very efficient. This also depends on what causes the problem. These latches are completely natural, simple and you can easily try them at your own.