Low Cheekbones and High Cheekbones

Distinctly drawn contours have long been regarded as the lifestyle trend par excellence. I always have to smile when I see busy girls – armed with dozens of beauty tools – sitting in front of the mirror and seeing them trying to draw high cheekbones. Drawing something on our face sounds a little bit abstruse. But nothing else can describe this lifestyle trend. Of course, if you have distinctive facial features, that’s great, but I would never think of drawing something I do not own. First of all, I would be too lazy for that & secondly, that would scream for fake attitude again.

However, techniques such as contouring and strobing are the ultimate craze. Although I would not find the latter of course so bad, because it gives you a wonderful Glow.

One of my friends once asked me a long time ago why I never use blush on my cheeks. Apart from the fact that I do not want to tuck my face in such a way, I already had my clowns phase behind me (hello youth!). Meanwhile, it is enough for me that my natural contours are sometimes more, sometimes less pronounced. Imagine, I would also emphasize my cheeks with pink. Oh shame.

Sometimes the strong protruding cheekbones are annoying, but as a curse I would not feel it. Rather, it is something that appears more succinctly and thus stays in the memory longer. High cheekbones or striking facial structures are considered to be particularly memorable. In the end, however, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder & it is often the case that I do not want to emphasize anything.

Full lips and pronounced cheekbones are characteristics that many will agree with each person. If you immediately thought of the unnatural look of some Hollywood stars, you can breathe because it’s just about exceptions. Emphasized bristles by treatment of fillers are achieved easily and with exceptionally natural results. The quantity, of course, must not be exaggerated, and in the hands of the right doctor who works with quality material, the effects will be excellent. The face becomes flushed for years.

Although the emphasized bristles are primarily defined with bone support, the appearance of the face also contributes to the fat tissue that is consumed over time, just as the bone structure changes, which makes the face look brighter.

Loss of facial volume redefines youthful lines and face shape and does not only affect the appearance of cheekbones, but changes the structure of the entire face. The skin is therefore relaxed, and the so-called. Triangle of beauty that defines high, accentuated cheekbones, defined by a jaw without loose skin and tense, smooth skin, takes on the “inverted” shape. Formerly emphasized cheekbones lose their definition.

How to emphasize the cheekbones?

Aging changes the volume of the face, the bone structure, and the firmness of the skin, and non-surgical methods allow for the preservation of natural beauty today. Apart from the fact that cheekbones can be “lost” for years, their appearance is mostly influenced by genetic predisposition, so that sometimes younger people have a desire for more complete cheekbones. Whether it’s a case in which facial and blistering emphasis is required, or just emphasizing the cheekbones of younger people, hyaluronic filers are nowadays excellent results.

Although many will emphasize that this is a non-invasive treatment that is done quickly and easily, it is important to emphasize that this is a procedure that affects the shape and appearance of the face, which makes it important to collect information about the doctor as well as the material by which the procedure is working. Renamed branded fillers like Hialuron a safe choice without fear of “clogging” the material or similar negative effects. Hialuron filler texture is fully adapted to the needs of the skin and human organism, therefore the applied material is fully adapted to natural contours and gives natural results.

When it comes to stressing the cheekbones, Hialuron Filer is for a number of famous doctors to reach. This transparent hyaluronic acid gel is used to fill the volume and provides completely natural results lasting up to 9 months, during which the body naturally degrades the hyaluronic acid. When results are discounted, treatment can be done again, and by repeated treatment, the effects last longer. When emphasizing the cheekbones of the face also needs a lifting effect, Hialuron

Filer can also combine Hialuron that allows facial lift or Hialuron to define the contour of the face. A sophisticated method of rejuvenation The development of aesthetic medicine methods have also developed hyaluronic filters that doctors today consider the most sophisticated way of rejuvenation. In order for the result to be exactly the kind of person it used to be, sometimes doctors ask patients to take their photos for 10 years to see how their face is old. Guided by a photo, the facelifts can accurately shape those facial contours that have changed over the years.

The need for filer treatment does not occur only in people who are experiencing signs of aging. Natural results are achieved in younger women and men who want to emphasize or transform a part of their face or improve the quality and texture of the skin. How to avoid unnatural result? When it comes to filling the cheekbones, we often fall into negative association with the negative associations that have exaggerated. It’s important to keep in mind that these are exceptions.

According to dr. Juan Sopena, one of the largest Spanish anti-age experts, educator and trainer who conveys his expertise in the field of aesthetic medicine around the world, mistakes occur when aesthetic treatment is degraded as a simple cosmetic procedure and when not seen as part of the aesthetic medicine. “I believe that one of the main reasons for bad results is that clients demand that they act according to their instructions, even though they do not have knowledge about facial anatomy, structure, genetics or aging process. Unfortunately, sometimes patients with aesthetic medicine think they know what they need, so they require treatment that will make their appearance unnatural, “he told Turkish Vogue.

Positive examples will surely not be remembered because the results are so natural that the results are so natural that you are not even aware that a person has, for years, replaced his volume with volume. It’s exactly the secret of many famous ladies who in the 40s and 50s look young and as if they did not lose any volume in their face.

An unintended appearance is caused by over-exaggerations, by application too low in the face area or by poor quality material. That’s why it’s a nice result t who will be satisfied with the key to select an experienced and skilled physician who uses proven and reliable branded filers in his work, with long-standing tradition, clinical trials and advanced technology. Finally, one should know that the price is then followed by quality, but the path to the best results is sure.

What determines the beauty of a female face? Scientists have tried to answer this question in the language of the numbers. Thus, about 10% of the attractiveness depends on the shape and size of the eyes and eyebrows, and the lips make up about 7%. But facial lines make the idea of ​​female irresolution more than 75%. Indeed, the pronounced high cheekbones are one of the most obvious signs of youth and good heredity. Not a bad plastic cheek, giving a sophisticated expression to a person, today has gained such popularity. They say that thanks to the correction of the faces, Madonna managed not only to “throw” for several years, but also to find the flood of aristocracy.

In present times, trend of a beautiful cheekbones is replaced by fashionable sexy lips. This trend goes together with the trend of small nose. The beauty is considered to be crowned with the beautiful blue eyes of the nymphs, the black eyes of a long eastern type. And just stylish high-placed cheeks in women are a must, pronounced cheekbones in men always remain at the height of popularity.


It is common to distinguish five types of cheekbone structure:

  • high cheekbones;
  • low;
  • shyrokye;
  • located in the middle;
  • small


The upper point of the high cheeks is in the eye zone. Similar cheekbones gradually become narrower to the bottom, and with occipital bones it forms a curve. Experts in physiognomy argue that this type of cheekbones proves a well-developed bone structure and speaks of the presence of freedom of spirit and the impressive power of will. It is said that most power representatives have this kind of face. In addition, owners of high-grade cheekbones look younger, since cheekbones do not allow tissue faces to “slip”.

People with high cheekbones, as a rule, effectively look good in photos. However, if they are not familiar with the correct technique of applying restraints, then they risk putting the face in a similar shape of the skeleton.

The most common cheeks can be seen on the heart, oval or elongated face. Namely, Campbell, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Love Hewitt and, of course, Angelina Jolie, whose strong frames are often called ideals, are just such types.


The string of low cheekbones begins its onset in the corner of the lips and slowly bends to the ears. Such a bony structure gives the person a touching round of semicircles.

However, poorly chosen make-up can lead to the fact that the picture will gain some weight. This can be avoided by showing exceptional care when applying contour.

Typically, this type of face is typical for the people with square, round, and triangular faces. Low cheekbones have such famous beauties as Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes, Cristina Ricci and Jennifer Aniston.


The wide cheekbones, which most often duplicate the beard shape, are the prerogative of people who have a square face. The squamous line forms the semicircle, which starts at the outer corner of the eye and bends towards the ears. In combination with a proper nose and a beautiful beard, wide cheeks give the look of a sweet “doll” look.

Wide bristles are typical for winners of round and square faces. They visited a label of such famous people as Kate Moss, Chloe Grace Maretz, Madonna and Jody Kidd.

Facials – “apples”, located in the central part of the face, are characteristic of people with a special structure of the muscles of the face. Particular relief is the appearance of such cheekbones when a person smiles.

Focused bristles are typical for women with oval, round and heart facial features. The charming beauties like – Hally Berry, Nicole Kidman, Kirsten Dunst, Scarlett Johansson, Shafran Burroughs.


Cheekbones of this type can be seen on the round face, they are also found in people over the age of 40, when the fat tissue begins to move away, creating a face flattened. Stars with natural little cheeks – Victoria Beckham, Charlize Theron, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts.

The first indicator of aging is the appearance of our parents at an older age, says Dr. Ava Shamban and a team at the Mount Sinai American Hospital. Genetics has 60 percent of the impact on how much the skin gets older, while the rest depends on the individual’s lifestyle, Shamban adds.

The parents inherit the tendency of cell degeneration, as well as the amount of collagen produced in the skin. Recent scientific studies have shown that those with longer endings of chromosomes, telomeres, live on average five years longer and look younger than their peers. However, factors such as smoking, sunbathing without a protective cream and lack of exercise can override the best genetic predispositions.

You have the so-called “baby face”

We live in a society where oval and strictly shaped faces are celebrated, but dermatologists claim that age is least visible on those with a face, round eyes and faces, a larger and curved forehead, a small jaw and a small nose.

These characteristics are usually the features of the popular “baby face”, because at least the wrinkles are highlighted on it, and as it is fleshy, the least appear.

High cheekbones

There is a real reason why the prominent cheekbones are considered to be the ideal of beauty, which is because they create a shape of the reverse triangle, which is a kind of indicator of a youthful appearance.

Over time, gravity and the lack of collagen cause the skin to drop from the fork, but the high cheekbones support the skin, and this effect will not be so noticeable in people with this facial shape. An example is Sophia Loren, Bo Derek, Linda Evans and Audrey Hepburn. Unlike thinness and weight, high bristles do not disappear for years, Shamban points out.

Powerful bones and teeth

Just as high cheekbones provide a firm structure to the face, so firm dentures help keep the skin of the lower half of the face.

Over time, the teeth can wear out, shorten in length and move towards the inside of the mouth, which makes the face look flared, and the lips are thinner. Strong bones provide excellent support for the skin of the body, and it also looks more vital.

Symmetrical face

The symmetry of the face has long been considered a standard of beauty, and it is defined already in the womb.

Stress-triggers such as toxins, illnesses or emotional trauma may interfere with the symmetrical formation of the baby’s face before birth and through childhood. Symmetrical faces are more likely to notice wrinkles, lack of pigment, or hanging skin.