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Linea Nigra, Dark Line on Stomach When Not Pregnant

Our bodies can tell so much about our overall health condition and make us self-conscious about our health.

Sometimes our bodies demonstrate signs that we need to pay close attention to and not ignore them. Our stomach is such a boy part. Because of it, you need to buy new clothes, cautiously move and at ten meters distance you can see – that the baby is about to arrive.

Today we are going to talk about a condition that is quite interesting and it usually appears on woman’s body during pregnancy, even though it can sometimes appear even when we are not pregnant.

Linea Nigra is an interesting condition that occurs on our body. Human body is full of wonders and always surprising us with new things we need to learn. In today’s article we are going to talk about Linea Nigra, causes and what this condition represents for our bodies.

What is the Linea Nigra?

The line on the stomach that stretches vertically on the stomach is in fact a line that connects the abdominal muscles and is known as the Linea Alba – which in the literal translation from Latin means the White line. When you are pregnant and when your baby and stomach grow, Linea Alba stretches, it becomes darker and gets the name Linea nigra – from Latin Black lines.

In the period of pregnancy, thanks to the increased production of estrogen, your body starts to light and more melanin. Melanin is a pigment that affects the skin becoming darker, and makes certain parts of our body darker in color. This line usually appears during pregnancy but in some cases it can appear when we are not pregnant. Causes for this line can be various and they are usually harmless.

When does the Linea Nigra appear?

The exact time when Linea Alba becomes visible is unknown. But it was noticed that in most pregnant women this line appears in the second trimester. This does not mean that it cannot appear earlier.

In fact, the line is never completely black; it is more dark brown and is wide between 0.5 and 1 cm. It becomes darker gradually, as pregnancy moves away, so the line becomes more visible.

Another reason for the appearance of this line is imbalance of hormones. When there is a rise of hormones in our body, Linea Nigra can occur on our body due to rise of melanin. This is why pregnant women get Linea nigra, since their bodies experience a rise of hormone called estrogen during pregnancy. Adrenal deficiency is another cause for the appearance of the Linea Nigra. Addison disorder can be a cause for this dark line on stomach when not pregnant. This line down stomach can tell us a lot about the condition of our bodies and we can learn a lot by watching these symptoms of our body.

Another cause of this pregnancy line on stomach but not pregnant is polycystic ovary syndrome that happens due to various causes. Male hormones in women’s body can cause the appearance of this line on the stomach, and it tells us about the condition of our body in current state. We should visit our doctor when this line appears because we can see what is exactly wrong with our body and how we can help our body get back to normal.

Linea Nigra in pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the body produces a greater amount of melanin, a pigment that results in skin tanning. The increase in melanin in the body also causes increased production of estrogen, which in combination leads to hyperpigmentation. This is also the reason why the clitoris and nipples become darker during pregnancy.

Linea nigra disappears after birth. The line fades gradually, and breastfeeding can slow down her disappearance. Although it is completely harmless, many women are bothered, but its appearance cannot be prevented. Folic acid successfully controls the changes in skin pigmentation, and is naturally found in wheat, asparagus, spinach, and oranges, so if you want the Line Negro to be less visible, consume these foods.

What can I do?

Linea nigra cannot be prevented because it is a natural part of pregnancy and a side-effect of various body conditions.

After the birth of a baby, it slowly fades and disappears, but in very rare cases it remains on the stomach. When you are not pregnant, this line is more a cosmetic problem and people would like to get rid of it because it makes them feel unattractive. This line can be faded with the use of some natural products and vitamins.

Can I predict the gender of the baby thanks to the Pregnancy line?

There is an old story which says that if the line goes from the pubic bone and ends in the navel, you will have a girl. If the line continues to the chest, you will have a boy.

While these myths are harmless, it is important to remember that women should not rely on babies’ stories. Because there’s always a 50: 50% chance to get a boy or girl.

How to get rid of Linea Nigra?

Linea Nigra can be faded with getting back your body into normal condition. There are several things you can do for your body to help it get back to normal. Some of the treatments you can use for Linea Nigra are:

  • Cocoa butter – This is a helpful product you can use to get rid of Linea Nigra. To get rid of this persistent line, rub cocoa butter on the line and on your stomach every day and the line should fade after time. Since this is an inexpensive product, the effects won’t be as amazing as in some other products. This is why you need to be persistent and do this treatment every day.
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin helps you to get rid of Linea Nigra and fade the line. The ways you can do the treatment is by breaking the tablet of this vitamin and rub it on your skin. To get rid of this line you need to be persistent and do this treatment every day, if you want to see any results. This should also help you get rid of stretchmark’s and prevent them.
  • Eat healthier – If you want to get rid of Linea Nigra, try eating healthier and avoid foods that are fatter and higher in carbohydrates. This way you are going to get your body back to normal and make it overall healthier and stronger. To keep your hormones in check you need to take care of your food intake and drink a lot of water.
  • Lemon juice – Lemon juice can also be a great way to get rid of Linea Nigra. Rub lemon juice on the line to get rid of it and to make it lighter. Like any other natural remedy, this treatment has to be done daily, if you want to see results.
  • Cut down sun exposures – To avoid making the Linea Nigra even darker, avoid exposing yourself to sun. Sun is your worst enemy when you want to get rid of this line, because it only makes it darker. Use one of the above treatments and avoid the sun, and the results should appear in no time.


Breastfeeding, underwear that is too tight, disciplined sports, and activity will help restore the form. In most cases, the dark line appears in the second half of the pregnancy and stretches vertically from the navel downwards, rarely when upward. If you are not pregnant and you get this line, there is no need to be worried about its appearance.

This line is not dangerous and you don’t even have to remove it with any treatment, because it won’t do any harm to your body if you leave it on. The problem with this line is more cosmetic than anything, so if you really don’t like it then use some of the treatments we suggested.

These treatments are going to work only if you do them continuously, so be persistent and do them every day.

Any condition that is currently happening in your body can be treated and treating this condition is going to get rid of this line. When you get your hormones back in check the black line is going to disappear by itself without any harmful side-effects.

Like we already mentioned hormones, Addison’s disease is just some of the reasons why this line appears on our body. Therefore, make sure you take good care of your body and avoid doing it any more harm.