How to Keep Mattress Topper From Sliding of The Bed?

Many people are dissatisfied with their mattress and are looking for a quick fix with a topper, as it is often offered cheaper than a new mattress. But why this only rarely solves your problem and which mistakes are made frequently, we would like to list in this article.

Also, if you decide to opt for a mattress topper, we will help you find a solution for the mattress topper sliding off the bed and how you can easily fix this problem.

What is a mattress topper?

A topper – or comfort pad how it is also called – is placed on top of a mattress to increase the comfort while lying down.

However, you should pay close attention to whether the existing mattress is compatible with a topper and what effect you can achieve. In this post we would like to answer various questions around the topic “Topper” and protect you from bad purchases.

Can I tighten my mattress with a topper?

Only in very special cases. Generally one can say that this is possible, because one can see this effect with each box spring bed: If I take a soft latex topper with 8 cm height for a box spring bed, that feels much softer than a 5 cm viscos topper.

Does a topper fit on my mattress?

A maximum of 10% of all mattresses could or should be used with a topper. The biggest problem is the ventilation.

A normal mattress cover should provide for a good climate balance and let the moisture that is released through the skin, evaporate again. But where should breathability come from when I put a foam pad on a mattress?

Mattresses that are intended or suitable for topper usually have no classic, quilted mattress cover, but a breathable 3-D fabric or the like. Thus, no moisture can accumulate in the mattress cover and the removal of moisture works. You have to keep in mind that depending on the quality of the topper you can recognize the change after just 4 months, if you just put some topper on a mattress.

For a topper, you do not have to give too much money. Depending on how thick the topper is and what material it consists of, you can find them at a cheaper price. But what is the mattress topper and why are more and more people opting for a topper instead of a new mattress?

A hygienic bed thanks to mattress topper

With a topper you ensure hygiene in bed. Thanks to the mattress topper, your mattress is ideally protected against dirt. Any escaping body fluids such as sweat, blood and / or urine have no chance to penetrate into the mattress. Even house dust mites have a harder time to find a way into the mattress – which should be great especially for allergic people.

Many mattress toppers are even washable. So if you wash your topper at regular intervals, you can successfully kill the dust mite. In addition, your mattress is guaranteed by the topper a longer lifespan, since not so fast reclining can arise.

A topper can soften mattresses

Too hard a mattress is really a bad thing. The degree of hardness cannot be “soft”. In this case, the topper is definitely the better alternative to disposing of the much too stiff mattress. So if you have sensitive bones and you like it soft and cuddly, then you will love the topper.

However, it is not possible, according to the Topper Guide, to make a soft mattress harder with a topper.

Regulate sleeping climate

If you choose a special topper, then you will enjoy it both in winter and in summer. There are also so-called reversible stopper, which score by a summer and a winter side. The summer side then lets the air circulate ideally on hot nights, while the winter side keeps everything cuddly warm.

Anyone who has ever had to turn over a mattress knows how difficult this is. This is no problem with the topper. It’s so light that you do not need much muscle to change sides.

How to prevent the topper from sliding?

No, a mattress topper cannot just slip away in your sleep. He also does not have to be put back in position every morning. At each corner of the topper is an elastic band that is placed around each of the four corners of the mattress. Thus, the topper is fixed and is firmly on the mattress. It could not be easier.

If the elastic bands didn’t do the trick, here are some other helpful suggestions on how you can prevent the mattress topper from sliding:

  1. Secure it with safety pins

Use safety pins on the corners of the mattress topper and connect the mattress to the mattress topper in the corners to prevent it from sliding. Use more pins if necessary.

  1. Velcro might be the solution

Velcro can be helpful if you know how to attach it properly. Glue the one side of the Velcro tape to the topper and the opposite side to the mattress.

Make sure the sides are aligned properly, so you can safely connect the Velcro and therefore the mattress and the topper with it.

  1. Use non-skid matt

You can use this helpful trick the way you would normally use nonskid Matts in the bathroom or any other area in your home.

  1. If nothing works, try duct tape

Duct tape is used all around the home, so why not use it for this purpose. It won’t damage your topper or your mattress and it represents the easiest solution if your mattress topper keeps sliding off.

The best thing about is that every household has duct tape at hand, so why not use this easy solution to get the job done and prevent your mattress topper from sliding again.

Various mattresses toppers in comparison

Mattress toppers are available in different variants. So you have to choose between the materials viscoelastic foam, cold foam and gel mattress. Where the differences between the materials are is explained quickly:

  • Viscose Topper

The viscos-elastic foam also called viscos foam; you should be a term under the name “Memory Foam”. This material reacts immensely to pressure and adapts ideally to the shape of your body. Slightly painful joints and a sensitive back immediately experience pressure relief with the viscos foam topper.

In addition, Viscos foam stores heat, which is why it is not necessarily suitable for heavy sweating people.

  • Gel topper

Just like the viscous foam topper, the gel foam topper immediately gives in to pressure. The difference between the two is that a gel foam topper returns to its original shape as soon as the pressure drops.

The gel topper is also a good option for people with back problems. In addition, thanks to the gel, he is not very susceptible to dust mites.

  • Topper made of cold foam

You belong to the group of people who regularly sweat a lot during the night? Then you are in the right place with a cold foam topper. Also this material has a great adaptability and a perfect supporting power. Thanks to the open-pore structure of cold foam, this topper scores with the property that it does not create heat accumulation and thus creates a very good sleeping environment. So if you do not want to wake up sweaty at night, then you can safely access here. Cold foam tops are also frequently examined by test institutes such as Eco friendly test.

After we could hopefully bring you closer to the mattress topper, you will surely come across one reason or another why the topper would be a good solution for you as well. This is definitely a smart investment. Especially if the comfort of your current mattress leaves something to be desired.