How to Get a Jawline and Cheekbones?

The juicy look and smooth skin without wrinkles does not mean spending a lot of money on creams and treatments, but a little effort every day.

One of the simplest and also the least expensive facial tinting techniques is facial gymnastics or yoga for the face. Face gymnastics is one of the best natural lifting exercises that will keep your skin healthy and vital.

Quick exercises that is completely free

These face exercises are free and you can work them wherever and whenever you want because they do not need any extra equipment or special space.

The human face has 57 muscles; each with time weakens because we do not use them all the time.

Exercise and start the muscles of the face will help in the vitality of the skin as you will stimulate the processes of regeneration of the skin cells. If you add a healthy diet, a lot of fluids and enough sleep, you will rejuvenate your face.

The muscles we use are those around the mouth and eyes that for constant use on the face can cause wrinkles.

Yoga for face and gymnastics includes a series of exercises that tighten and strengthen the facial muscles, help in circulation and reduce wrinkles.

When to start with gymnastics?

There is no rule when you can start with face exercises. Anti-wrinkle cosmetic preparations are recommended for use from 30 years onwards. You can perform gymnastics in any lifetime as needed.

In the 20s and 30s you can perform them preventively, while later they are used to solve already formed wrinkles.

As soon as you feel the loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles, begin to practice gymnastics for the face.

We do not recommend gymnastics to persons:

  • with skin diseases
  • with atopic dermatitis, neurodermitis or psoriasis
  • which have skin cancer
  • with open wounds and burns

5 quick exercises for face gymnastics

A special exercise is recommended for each part of the person’s face. At the beginning of the exercise, do them in front of the mirror to see the movement of the muscle.

Some exercises can cause wrinkles to form on the other side of the face, so it would be better to see and react immediately. Face gymnastics is very simple and includes quick exercises with several repetitions.

  1. Exercise for the forehead

Put your finger over your eyebrow and slide it slowly down. Provide resistance to your finger and try to lift your eyebrow.

Do not stretch the skin and try not to create wrinkles at the forefront while you are doing it. Repeat several times.

  1. Exercise for face

Place your fingers horizontally to the top of the face, below the eye. Smile intensely and move the edges of your lips up.

Whenever you smile, you should feel the resistance. Keep it in the smile for a few moments and relax your muscles. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

  1. Workout for the chin

Sit or stand upright and hold your neck in a flat position. Fold backwards and simultaneously extend the face upwards as much as you can.

This will make the neck skin tightened. Do not frown the rest of your face while doing this exercise. When you stretch your neck, stay in this position for a few seconds, then relax and repeat.

  1. Exercise for the neck

Lie on your back and turn your head on one side. Turn it from one side to the other so that when the head comes forward to be pushed up. It looks like you’re doing a semicircle with your head and movement.

This way you will feel that all the neck muscles work. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

  1. Exercise by dropping the eyelids

Place index fingers on the outside of the eye, and your middle fingers on the part just above your nose. Keep your eyes open and tighten as if you want to close them, but keep them open.

Repeat this exercise twenty times.

With gymnastics, try Zogan massage

Zogan massage is simple, easy to learn and accessible to everyone. This massage lasts up to 7 minutes a day, and for this you certainly have time. Experience shows that skin improvement is felt after 2 weeks. With exercise, this massage stimulates circulation of the skin, reduces wrinkles and revitalizes the skin with the solution of swelling.

This is a deep facial massage that anyone can perform so there is no need to go to the expensive salons.

How To get Cheekbones?

Many women dream of beautiful cheekbones, like Kira Knightley or Sophie Ellis Bextor. Do not be sad if nature has not gifted you, such a gem, because doing special exercises for the cheeks and cheekbones can get good results.

Muscles are also on the face, and when you put them under strain, they quickly get into tone.

How to remove fat from cheeks and cheekbones – Exercises

To achieve the desired result, you must train every day and spend only 15 minutes. Consider some simple but effective exercises: To get started, you need to tighten your face. In a deep breath, swell your cheeks, and then close your lips and place your hands on your cheeks so that your fingers are on your ears. Press your hands against your face as you resist your cheeks. Hold for 6 seconds and then relax. Repeat every 10 times.

Knead your lips and pull them forward as if for a kiss. The task is to draw an imaginary circle with your lips in the air. First go halfway, then the other in the opposite direction.

Another effective cheekbones exercise, as it tightens the lower muscles of the cheeks. The thumb should be pushed behind the cheek to the gum. You need to pull the cheek from the inside while straining the facial muscles and pushing your finger back. Repeat several times with each cheek.

To give the cheekbones a clear contour, you should do such an exercise for the cheekbones: Sit on a chair and tilt your head back, clenching your teeth. Try to pull your shoulders down to release the head from your shoulders. It is important to feel the tension in the muscles of the cheeks.

The following exercise makes the face oval face thin, leading it to sound. Open your mouth and roll your lips in to cover your teeth. Then, as much as possible, strain the muscles of the lips and cheeks. Hands grasp the sides of your face and lead them upwards. Repeat the movement until burns and signs of fatigue occur.

Exercises for the cheekbones on the face

Take a pen or pencil and clamp it between upper lip and nose. Try to keep them there as long as possible. The number of repetitions is 5 times.

The following exercise for the cheekbones in the face is: push the lower jaw forward and then slowly tilt the head back while feeling the tension in the cheek area. Return the head to its normal position and relax the jaw. Do 20 repetitions.

Every day it is recommended to increase the number of repetitions threefold. All exercises are simple, but most importantly, during their execution you feel a constant tension, otherwise there is no result. To get defined cheekbones like Keira Knightley, facial yoga exercises can help. This is how the facial workout goes.

With facial yoga, the muscles in the face and the body can be shaped, strengthened and defined: Cheekbones à la Keira Knightley are therefore not unattainable wishful thinking. The simple exercises for a tighter look are easy to imitate, but it is recommended that you do them in your own home because they might seem odd to outsiders.

Cheekbones like Keira Knightley with facial yoga

British actress Keira Knightley is famous for her high, defined cheekbones. Facial yoga can also sculpt your face to make it firmer and fresher. For the first exercise, which lifts the muscles of the cheeks and improves the nasolabial folds, make a small “O” with their lips so that the teeth are covered. Press your lips firmly together and then grin wide and return to the “O” position.

Repeat this facial yoga exercise several times and finish the workout with a wide smile that will keep you awake for a while.

Exercises for tight facial features

The second exercise helps to define the jaw bones so that the face looks clearly structured, as in Keira Knightley. Place your middle finger on her chin for this facial yoga. Tilt your head a bit to the back and start to move your jaw up and down. Hold your forefinger against the chin as resistance. Repeat this three times.

Like with any exercise, these will only work if you stay persistent and keep on repeating all the steps. With time you will notice a change on your face that will be incredible. This is definitely a perfect way to get cheekbones for all those who don’t want to undergo a plastic surgery or any other kind of artificial enhancement on the face. Just keep being persistent and the results will come.