Farmers Walk – Exercise, Workout, Benefits

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is especially true in training for strength, which can be limiting when it comes to heavy basic exercises such as deadlift, repositioning, squatting or bench presses as well as kettle bell variations.

An exercise that you should consider in your training program is the “Farmer’s Walk”. And believe me it is for a good reason. Not only does this exercise, which has been standard practice in Strongman competitions for years, inimitably enhance the grip, it also requires the upper back, abdominal and leg muscles to work at the same time.

And that makes it an ideal exercise to end your training session. It is recommended to do three to four repetitions at the end of a training session, increasing the weight each time you do the next repetition. For this exercise, kettle bells or dumbbells with a thick handle are ideal. You can also use sandbags or other equipment and make it work.

Take a heavy weight in the hands and walk over an area – this is one of the positive sides of this exercise. If you do this regularly, you will notice that your upper body is going to get larger as well as your legs. Be prepared for a major burn in your muscles, since you will be increasing the weight every repetition.

Farmer’s walk is an excellent exercise because it allows you to move and therefore make your whole body work. When you are doing stationery exercises, we tend to get bored with the same movements and it becomes harder to keep up with the training. Moving around a certain area makes it harder and at the same time more fun.

If you’re an athlete, and if you put this exercise into your training for three weeks, it will boost your performance in all exercises and competition. If you look at the fundamental movements, the focus should first be on “walking with weights”. And the Farmers Walk is the basic exercise for beginners. Even if you only train for a stronger everyday life, you will benefit from this exercise. So the Farmers Walk is one of those exercises that should not be missing from any exercise plan.

This is the exercise with a kettle bell (holding kettle bell in one hand or two kettle bells in each hand):

Here are some advantages of Farmer’s walk exercise:

– Simple execution

Grab two weights, lift them and walk with them. That’s it. Anyone can do this exercise. It is great for beginners and people who are looking for strength exercises. I bet everyone wears something from A to B from time to time. Be it a suitcase or two on vacation or watering cans in the garden to water the flowers. While shopping we also perform this exercise. It should not be hard for you to put this exercise into practice.

– High carryover (transfer effect)

The reason why this exercise can make you look much better in a short period, in case you haven’t had this exercise in your training routine before, is because of the active transfer of weight unlike in other exercises or sports. Connection between the lower and upper body is much better. You learn how to stay stable and balanced while walking and holding heavy weights.

– Physical strength

This one is obvious. This exercise looks so simple that you do not even look at it at all. But what you might not realize is that your whole body is being trained. Due to the long time under stress and the high intensity (if you carry heavy weights), you train the complete musculature of the body. From the calf up to the neck and back down.

Here is another advantage.

– Mental strength

If you want to carry your body weight and heavy kettle bells in your hands over a certain area, you need your head to help you. The head will try to convince you quickly to put the weights back on the ground. It’s amazing how far you can carry the weights if you manage to ignore your head for a while.

– Gripping force

Your grip is the second thing you will feel in this exercise. In addition to the head, the grip is also the most vulnerable to exercise and training in general. Deadlifting, hanging leg raises, pull-ups, heavy one-armed swings, snatches … again and again it is the grip that is the limiting factor. Doing it up to three times a week, heavy Farmers Walk will work wonders for your strength of grip. It’s like magic the next time you perform a short test or heavy one-armed swings and hold and hold your grip.

To perform the exercise – Workout

  1. Find two weights and lift them off the ground.
  2. Start walking fast to reach the desired area.

Common execution error:

Lifting the weight clean from the floor is already part of the practice and unfortunately often goes wrong. The same happens when walking. If the weight is too heavy for you to lift, then try picking up smaller weight and then try walking.

While running, the body has to be straight. Imagine balancing a glass of water on your head or pushing the back of your head through your halo. So go ahead and try to run in a controlled manner. Is it not possible and your shoulders are pulling forward or you are getting smaller under the weight, do not be a dork and take less. The weights are too light. Yes, you can go hard. Two 4kg kettle bells in each hand over ten feet may not trigger an optimal stimulus on the body.

It’s a good idea to lift weights during the week. Now you also know that it is an even better idea to carry the weights around for a while before you put them down again.

Legs form the largest muscle group in the body and are therefore crucial for overall fitness. For this reason, you should not neglect the leg muscles during a workout in addition to the abdominal muscles. It can be divided into four groups that you can specifically train: the quadriceps (front), the leg back, the buttock muscle and the calf muscles.

To shape these leg muscles and the adductors (muscles for pulling a body part), we recommend various leg exercises. Optimal, for example, are the leg exercises such as “squats”, which activate all the leg muscles. But also lunges or leg press are suitable for holistic “abdominal legs butt” training. If you use dumbbells, you also train the arm muscles – and thus kill two birds with one stone. By the way, sports and a healthy diet are the most effective ways to fight cellulite. A workout does not only pay off in terms of fitness.

Benefits of Farmer’s Walk Exercise

The following program combines endurance and muscle strength exercises for firm legs and a firm butt – but also for bicep always in alternation. It starts with a stamina exercise, which brings plenty of oxygen into the blood and thus into the muscles. The pulse comes to 110 to 130 beats per minute (depending on age).

It continues with a power exercise that is repeated 60 times to fully exploit the energy of the muscles and to increase the number and volume of their energy suppliers (mitochondria) as quickly as possible. So, when the muscles start to burn, it shows that muscle building is working optimally – and that fat burning is going well.

Last but not least, cool-down is when the stretching exercises relax the muscles and help them to recover from training more quickly. The whole workout takes about 25 minutes. If you practice three or four times a week, you will see the first results already after about four weeks. Put on your favorite CD and go – with music training is more fun.

Endurance: Marching

Run in place for a minute, but with power: pull up your knees; roll your feet neatly from toe to heel. The knees remain slightly bent. Adjust the arms and walk vigorously to activate the muscles.

Muscle strength: for the hips and outsides of the thighs

Lie on the left side, the head is on the arm; with the right hand you support yourself in front of the body. Both legs are slightly bent. Now, when exhaling, raise your right leg at waist level, lower it again when inhaling, but do not drop it completely. Do not tilt your hips backwards, tense your stomach. Raise and lower the leg twenty times, then change the side. In between, relax your legs. Perform the exercise for three sets.

Endurance: Step Touch

Put one foot to one side and pull up the other. Always right and left alternating. The knees remain slightly bent, the upper body is straight. The arms are bent and swing with ease. Repeat these step touches for a minute.

Muscle strength: for the inner and outer thighs

Lie on your back and put your feet hip-wide. Lift the pelvis. Upper body and thighs form a line. As you exhale, pull your thighs apart and bring them back together as you inhale. The butt remains tight. The thighs are opened and closed 20 times. Lie down on your back, relax briefly. Repeat the exercise a second time.

Stamina: Arm strider

Stand shoulder-width and shift your body weight from one foot to the other. Then make the arms with: slightly bend leg, go with the other on tiptoe and also stretch the arm high above your head to the ceiling. Alternate right and left, for a minute.

Muscle strength: for the butt

Go to the bench and rest your leg, on the bench with toes behind you. When breathing out, stretch your right leg backwards, slowly lower it when inhaling. The leg remains stretched. While exhaling, raise yourself up just like when doing lunges on the ground but now you do it with the help of the bench.

Endurance: V-Step

Stand back, your feet should be side by side. Place first the right foot diagonally forward (outside), then the left. Go right back to the starting position and then left. The feet go to a “V” shape. After this, put the arms in: right foot in front, right hand to the back of the head, left foot in front, and left hand to the back of the head. Clap your hands twice in the steps back. In between, change sides.