Eating Nuts Before Bed and at Night – Good or Bad?

We know we should not eat late in the evening because we are going to get fat. The last meal in the day should be modest and light. If we overload the stomach before bedtime with fatty and hot food, gastrointestinal disorders, heartburn and flatulence occur. However, if you are very hungry you should not eat anything.

It is important that you do not eat everything that comes under your hand, rather than eating a specific and healthy meal. Organization and dinner planning will help you with that. You know it’s not the same to eat in the evening a bag of chips or chocolate or fresh cheese with tuna. Certainly, if you cannot eat before bed, eat foods that will not burden your stomach, and which will still satiate you. Two to three hours before bedtime you should not have dinner and this is a golden rule. Also, you should pay attention to the amount of meals and should avoid carbohydrates.

Vegetables and proteins will satisfy all your nutritional needs and you will not bring unnecessary calories into your body. So, get the carbohydrate out of the food before bed. Adjust your diet to your daily rhythm so that if you are not hungry about 7 nights, do not become hungry just when you need to go to sleep.

Timing of a good dinner time will help you if you struggle with excess pounds. If you have to eat something overnight let it be nuts. Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts or Indian nuts will give you energy and satiate you. Of course, although they are healthy, you should not eat the whole bag.

Many people cannot fall asleep if they are hungry, so schedule dinner so that you do not get hungry before sleep and never skip dinner because you may fall fatigued to eat the first thing that falls to your feet. You can calm down with a glass of water and it will surely help you.

Benefits of nuts in general

In addition, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the following health claim, which should be noted on food products: Scientific evidence suggests that daily dietary intake of 40grams of nuts, as part of eating poorly saturated fats and cholesterol, can reduce the risk of heart disease “. In this sense, nuts are understood to include almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, nuts and pecan nuts.

This health claim is just one of a number of qualified claims that show the possible specific effects of food on the prevention of some of the most common diseases of today.  The criterion that nuts still have to satisfy to have a positive effect on consumer health is that the nuts used must contain less than 4 grams of saturated fat (50 grams).

Brazilian walnut

I have just mentioned this criterion because precisely because of this, the list did not find very interesting – Brazilian walnut. Nevertheless, Brazilian walnuts often point out as insufficiently known foods, since it is the best possible source of a strong antioxidant – selenium.

Namely, 50 grams (half cups – about 10 pieces) contain about 950 micrograms of selenium, which is incredible more than 1300 percent daily recommended value for this important micronutrient! Only one Brazilian nut provides the human body with over 100 percent of recommended selenium values ​​per day! So, more than 1 capsule of a typical dietary supplement that contains selenium, and much better bioavailability! But Brazilian walnuts are rich in saturated fatty acids, so 8 pieces of Brazilian walnuts contain about 8 grams of saturated fats.

This is not terrible, given the other benefits that Brazilian walnuts bring, and of course, if the diet is balanced.

Therefore, if you have tried them, you have noticed that they are really “fatty”, but they also contain very useful unsaturated fatty acids (12 grams of single-unsaturated and 10 grams of saturated fatty acids). A truly brilliant and totally unjustified neglected food. Ideal snack snack!


With almonds, besides nuts, perhaps the most popular nuts, and often found in pastries. So marzipan preparation is unimaginable without almonds. The aromatic components of this fruit give each dish a great gastronomic experience, but no less important – excellent nutritional value! Half a cup of almond (about 70 grams) gives the organism even 23 grams of healthy single-unsaturated and 8 grams of highly unsaturated fatty acids. It is great that nature has ensured that along with these unsaturated acids, 90 percent of the recommended amounts of vitamin E are available in the almonds, which protect fatty acids from oxidation, or “twitch” and our aging cells.

Almond is one of the best dietary sources of vitamin E; therefore, among other things, it is often used in cosmetics. Almonds are one of the best nutrient sources of magnesium, a mineral substance that, among other things, prevents muscle cramping, beneficial for cardiac muscle and blood pressure and for balancing digestive processes.

Almond is an indispensable diet of Mediterranean diet – the most desirable and healthiest way of eating. Almond are rich in proteins (proteins); Half cups contain up to 16 grams of protein, making them a highly desirable food for both athletes and people with lower immunity but also in reducing diets because they regulate hunger! It is no less important to mention that almonds should not be peeled because high-grade flavonoids in almonds are hidden in the almonds.

More than 25 species identified so commonly in synergy with E-vitamin E can be prepared by various (macrobiotic) food preparation techniques as a drink, or as “milk”, but it can also be acquired in the stores as a finished product recently, making it more suitable for those who do not have enough time for the preparation process.

Peanuts and nuts

Peanut (not that roasted and salted, but in its original form) is very popular among American populations, especially in athletes. He is the most concentrated of all nuts in the protein, and is therefore the source of “origins”. Namely, it is interesting to note that peanuts are essentially belonging to a legion-rich protein family, along with beans, lichens and sesame. Peanut is a good source of niacin (vitamin B2), so it is clear why, besides its favorable fat composition; it also has a beneficial effect on lowering LDL cholesterol. Nuts are considered to be one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids (more specifically, alpha-linoleic omega-3 fatty acids) and vitamin E.

Only 14 pieces of walnut contains over 2.5 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which is roughly the amount contained in two and a half capsules of a typical omega-3 dietary supplement product. Like almonds, nuts should not be peeled! If you care about the health of your heart, go to almonds and nuts. DASH Diet – Nuts and Heart Health Oral fruits preserve heart health.

Food to avoid before sleep

Gastric reflux creates many major problems during the day, and it may be particularly troublesome before bedtime. We bring you a list of foods that you must take out of your evening menu because you will avoid this unpleasant occurrence:

  1. Sugary beverages

They fall into a group of foods that contain more acid than anything we can find in nature. Carbon dioxide in gazed beverages increases stomach pressure. Be careful also of drinking alcohol. Dissolved drinks fall into a group of foods that contain more acid than anything we can find in nature.

  1. Fatty foods

Forget about ice cream, biscuits, burgers and all foods with a high percentage of harmful fat because they act on the stomach just like alcohol and carbonated drinks.

  1. Chocolate

In addition to the high fat content, it also contains caffeine found in cocoa butter and the bromine that stimulate gastric reflux.

  1. Cheese

Avoid soft cheese types like feta or mozzarella, and if you just have to enjoy the cheese before bed, choose small amounts of hard varieties such as parmesan cheese.

  1. Dried fruits

Even saturated or unsaturated, for the stomach, fat is always unfavorable in the evening. Regardless of the fact that noodles are mostly good fat, it should be avoided before bedtime.

  1. Citrus

Although tasty, healthy and refreshing throughout the day, do not consume them before bedtime because they contain large amounts of acid that will excite your stomach.

  1. Coffee

Except that you will not be able to sleep due to caffeine in the coffee, it will cause extra acid secretion in the stomach.

Problems with sleeping – Causes

Experts say that people often cause sleep problems themselves. They eat unhealthy food, drink unhealthy drinks, and have bad sleep habits. Problems with insomnia may, unfortunately, become chronic. What, then, are the most common mistakes we make when it comes to sleep habits and how to change them?

  • Afternoon sleep

People who sleep late in the afternoon, especially after 16 o’clock at night, can hardly sleep. Instead of going to bed and sleep, they watch television and steal time that is proven to be the best for a quality dream. If you’re really tired during the day, take it off, but not for more than 30 minutes. Have an afternoon snack to work before 16:00.

  • Unsatisfactory sleep

It is unrealistic to expect your body to move from full activity to total peace. Our bodies need time to produce enough neurotransmitters and send the brain a sleep command. In this way, the body produces hormones for sleep. So, before you go to sleep, try to relax. There may be a variety of relaxation and meditation exercises. You can simply calm down, turn off the light and all other appliances and relax in peace and quiet.

  • Do not think too much about sleeping

People who eat late in the evening disturb the rhythm of metabolism, thereby increasing the levels of blood sugar and triggering organs that regulate hormones in the body. Such a hormonal buzz badly affects sleep. In order not to have such problems, it is best not to eat late in the evening. If you have a very strong desire, it is best to eat a small protein meal because it will not be so much affected by hormonal activity.

  • Sleeping medications

Sleeping tablets do not address insomnia problems and do not remove its cause. Their long-term use will do more harm than good. In addition, such tablets also cause dependence. It is similar to tablets to maintain a state of alertness that completely disturbs the rhythm of sleep and ultimately causes insomnia. Instead of tablets, find the expert you will be consulting with. There are many natural methods such as tears; yoga and meditation that will help you solve the problem of insomnia.

  • Alcohol as a sleeping agent

Since alcohol has sedative properties, many people suffering from insomnia use it to fall asleep. Alcohol may be drowsy, but later it works badly for sleep. It can cause an intermittent dream and does not contribute to sleep quality. Avoid alcohol as a sleeping agent. Prefer to choose teas that will calm you and sleep like a chamomile. Calcium, magnesium or minerals that are beneficial to the body and sleeping well will come well.

  • Television interfere with sleep

Many people in the bedrooms have televisions that serve as a sleeping device. They watch the television until it falls. However, such a sleeping way does not guarantee a peaceful and quality dream. On the contrary, it causes an intermittent dream and later wakes up in the morning. The solution to the problem is very simple – eject the TV and the bedroom and reward yourself with a high quality dream.

  • Lying in bed and awaiting sleep

If you do not fall asleep in your bed for 30 to 45 minutes, then you are not likely to fall asleep in the next hour or maybe longer. Most likely, you missed an ‘open sleeping door’ or missed a ‘sleep wake’. ‘Sleeping Door’ opens the body that sends the brain message to the vacation time. When that door was closed, you missed the chance to sleep. If you did not fall asleep within 45 minutes after you went to bed, stand up and read the book or do some other quiet activity until the dream door reappears.

  • Thinking about sleeping

When you too much think about whether or not to fall asleep or what exactly causes your insomnia, you will not be able to fall asleep. The more you focus on, it becomes a bigger problem that still results in insomnia. Sleep is a natural thing. Stop thinking about it. Try to relax and release such a thought. Every time you think about sleeping, cut them off and focus on something else.