Can You Freeze String Cheese?

A modern and fast way of life has distanced a man from nature, and he is now back in great steps, for example because of the proven association of certain health problems and eating habits.

During the last century, the range expanded from frozen foods to frozen semi-ready meals and ready meals, and packaging became more practical.

Just because of the growing concern of a man about his own health, various types of frozen food have sprung up, like a trend in diet that lasts for several years.

Freezing at low temperature under high pressure almost completely stops all biochemical and fermentation changes as well as the action of all microorganisms within foods. The freezing process is fast, which is why glacial crystals cannot be formed to destroy cellular structures. It is precisely because of this fact that foods can save more minerals and vitamins than any other method of conservation. Even fresh vegetables and fruit are left to lose up to 50 percent of vitamins and minerals by stagnation, poor handling or transportation.

At the same time, freezing foods are available throughout the year, and the time of thermal treatment is reduced.

During the past century, the range expanded from frozen foods to frozen semi ready and ready-made meals, and packaging became more practical – from packing in the form of meals to the possibility of heating in a microwave or microwave oven.

In 2001, the increase in consumption of frozen food in the US market, with respect to 2000, ranges between 4 and 32 percent, depending on the category. Thus, consumption of meat dishes, meals of Mexican cuisine, seafood and mixed vegetables increased.

According to the American Institute for Frozen Food, as many as 94 percent of consumers buy frozen food occasionally, while 30 percent of them buy it permanently.

String cheese is a popular food that works as a snack and also as an ingredient for various dishes. This delicious cheese is usually made from mozzarella and mozzarella and cheddar cheese. It is usually eaten alone or in a sandwich, but you can also use it for pizza or any other cooked meal.

In today’s article we are going to discover whether string cheese can be put into the freezer or not and how freezing affects its taste and consistency. We are also going to discover which foods can be safely frozen and which are better when eaten fresh.

Can you put string cheese in a freezer?

The answer to this question is, yes. String cheese can safely be put into a freezer and kept there until you decide to use it in a dish or by itself. Freezing food is especially handy when you have larger portions or packages of food which can’t be eaten until the expiration date.

This is when we usually decide to put foods into the freezer to preserve them for a while longer until there is need for them. String cheese can be put inside the freezer because it won’t lose its stringy nature and you can even put larger blocks of cheese as well.

Individual cheese strings can be frozen in their original packaging which means there is no need to open them and place them in different containers of packages. Simply place them in their original packaging or put them in a plastic container if you don’t want them to get lost somewhere inside the freezer.

Individually frozen string cheese packages should thaw in few hours, even faster, because they are small and they don’t need a lot of time to defrost.

Large pieces of string cheese in the freezer

If you have larger quantities of string cheese or string cheese in blocks, you can also freeze them and later use them. There is no need to prepare the cheese for freezing, simply put the cheese block into a freezer and keep it in there for as long as you like.

The normal time duration for string cheese to be kept in the freezer is maximum 3 months, so make sure you keep that in mind as well. Eating food from freezer with an expired date is not that scary, unless the expiration happened a while back. When you want to thaw the cheese in blocks, just take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to gradually thaw. This way you are going to allow the cheese to come back to its original form.

Is it going to taste the same?

String cheese is going to remain pretty much the same but the taste is not guaranteed. This depends on the manufacturer of the cheese and other details about the cheese itself. When you put string cheese in freezer it is not going to change its consistency or become crumbly, which is great because the texture is what most people like about string cheese.

After you thaw it you can eat it by itself or put it inside of a dish which is actually a better option since the taste factor won’t be a big deal.

Also, freezing string cheese won’t cause its nutritional value to go down, so you can safely place it in the freezer and enjoy its health benefits afterwards.

Another concern is the plastic used for wrapping string cheese. Some people are concerned that it might get inside the product and make it less healthy, but this all depends on the manufacturer and the plastic he used for wrapping. If it is not disclosed on the packaging, which plastic it is, then use the ones who have such a statement on the packaging if you are afraid about the consequences.

Freezing other dairy products

Milk and dairy products are an important source of nutrients, especially biologically valuable proteins, calcium and vitamin B2.

Milk in open containers easily absorbs smells and aromas of other intense aroma foods (haricots, garlic, smoked bacon), but with a new generation of Electrolux refrigerators containing a charcoal filter – “flavor saver”, intense aroma foods can be placed next to other foods affecting their smell and taste. Finally the end came to the milk with the scent of garlic!

Milk can be bought every day, so it is usually not necessary to put it inside the freezer. It is recommended to freeze only pasteurized milk, and it is best to freeze it in smaller packages.

During the process of freezing on the surface of the milk, ice is separated, which affects its taste and appearance after defrosting. Thaw the frozen milk in the refrigerator and use it within a few days. Wrap the butter / margarine in the aluminum foil before freezing.

Semi-cheeses (Gouda, ​​Cheddar, and Edamer) are good at freezing, so that a block of cheese cannot be weighing more than 500 g or less than 2, 5 cm.

It is important to note that the cheese can dry out when freeze-dried and wrap it well in aluminum foil or in a freezer bag. Hard, dessert cheeses freeze easily, but they have to be mature because otherwise the freezing process slows down. Fresh cow cheese can be frozen if it has a low percentage of fat.

Cheese is best dehydrated in the fridge and consumed within a few days. Yogurt, sour milk and sour cream are not suitable for freezing.


In conclusion, string cheese can safely be put in a freezer and used afterwards. The nutritional benefits and the consistency are going to be the same, so there is no need to worry about that. When it comes to taste, this depends on the way you package your string cheese and the way you preserve it in the freezer.

Overall, freezing string cheese is a great idea if you have bigger quantities and you don’t know what to do with them, because you can always take out as much string cheese as you need from the freezer.