Can You Freeze Coconut Cream?

Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) is a woody palm plant that is widespread in tropical regions, especially on the coasts and islands of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Its name derives from the Greek word soso (grain, fruit). Under that name coconut palm is known everywhere in the world, and everywhere in the world is used.

The legend says that it sprinkled on the ground of Seedling Polynesia that turned the unfulfilled love of a beautiful daughter-in-law named Hin and the poor, unkempt young Aal. Not being able to live without the beloved, the young man died, and from his tomb that Hina has stained with tears, an unusual tree emerged: slim, slender and so high that it surpassed the surrounding vegetation. He was touching the sky with the sky by lifting love into eternal, divine heights. In order for Hina to look at it, the walnut got Aal’s character. Anyone who has a cocoon can see it, Polynesians still say. In traditional medicine coconut has been used for many years to treat various diseases such as respiratory disease.

There are three parts that can be penetrated on a solid ground. These are the eyes and mouth of young Aal. This legend adds another, engraved on a stone slab found in the Philippines. According to it, the coconut palm tree is a celestial tree born of a star, whose shape is crowned and resembles. They are given to people by the will of the divine powers and point out from themselves “a drink of life”.

The tall tree has a diameter of 30 cm, but it is extremely strong and resistant to wind because it holds about 800 roots, not less than one centimeter, for a sandy ground at depths of 8 m. The wreck is sealed to the sea water where it can swim up to 4500 kilometers and then, undamaged, leap out to the ground.

After seven years the palm produces the first fruit, and in the fifteenth and fiftieth years of life it yields 60 to 80 walnuts.

What is coconut cream?

Coconut cream is a great sbstitution for typical cooking cream. Difference between regular cream and coconut is cream is minor and you can use it both in sweet and salty dishes. Coconut cream is often used in Thai curry and many other popular dishes.

I like having a plug so you do not have to spend it at one time, but it can be stored in the refrigerator without thinking it will spoil it. The plug is practical because it makes it easier to sift cream, and I like the cardboard packaging so I can recycle it. The smell of Alpro’s cream is on a cocoon, and I tried a sip of it myself and the taste is also a cocoon, very pleasant and sweet. White is a transparent color and creamy texture, not a bit like ordinary coconut milk, but a bit louder.

In a dish, whose recipe can be found a bit lower in the text, I added it whenever I add the usual cream. After coconut cream in the dish I added gorgonzola which I always stink sauce, but in case with coconut cream the sauce did not want to thicken so I had to add the psyllium powder I use to sanitize the meals. Discreet taste and scent of cocoa in the dishes At the beginning I was skeptical that this cream would spoil the taste for its sweetness, but that did not happen at all.

The taste of dishes was almost identical to the taste of dishes with ordinary cooking pot. If I did not know that in a coconut cream I might not even notice discreet taste and smell of coconut.

This cream is really a discovery because at first I thought it would be good only in a sweet combination and that it would completely take over the taste of my food and that it would not be edible, but it turned out to be completely the opposite. The most impressive thing is that it contains only 10 percent fat, so it does not add excess calories to the dishes.

An additional advantage of this cream is that it does not contain lactose and milk proteins, wheat and gluten, so it can also be used by people allergic to the listed ingredients.

Natural and delicious

The ‘Healthy but Tasty’ trend is the foundation for growing demand for cooking potato on a plant base. Consumers are looking for a healthy diet based on the nutritional value of the foods themselves, but without compromise on flavor. With its exotic flavor and naturally high nutritional value, coconut is an ideal ingredient for preparing culinary specialties. The evolution and trend of demand for ethnic cuisine products are an additional inspiration to culinary combinations exotic and full of flavor.

Delicious, creamy Alpro coconut cream, easy to use in preparing hot and cold meals. Nutritive profile is extremely valuable because the product contains only 10 percent fat! Additional benefits are proven high quality and product stability at room or cold temperatures, while the Tetra Pack zip closure guarantees freshness and ease of use.

Can you freeze Coconut Cream?

Coconut cream is a product that we usually use for one meal and then it sits in our fridge for couple of days. Of course, we can’t just throw away the leftover coconut cream because it would be food wasting. This is why you can safely freeze coconut cream and eat it after thawing. The problem with freezing this product is that it might change its consistency a little but if you are using it for cooking, then this shouldn’t be a large problem.

Even though nothing is ever the same as fresh food, freezing certain types of food is not a bad idea. We always need to save money and be mindful of our spending habits, so freezing things like coconut cream is always a great idea. Before you put your coconut cream in the freezer, let us see how you should properly store it so it doesn’t get ruined.

How to store coconut cream in the freezer?

Before you put your coconut cream in the freezer, be minful about several things. packaging you should avoid when freezing coconut cream is jar. This container is going to take a lot of time to thaw afterwards when you want to use the coconut cream, which is something none of us wants. If you want to really do the right thing, it is best to freeze coconut cream in ice cube containers. It might sound like a silly idea, but this type of freezing is going to work out best for you.

Another great way to freeze your coconut cream is to place it in a airtight container or in special bags made for freezing food. Coconut cream might change a bit in its consistency, but you don’t have to be worried about that too much. You will be able to use coconut cream again in dishes and get the same taste as before freezing. Consistency change is not that important because when cooking, the taste is more important.


In conclusion, coconut cream can be frozen and thaw for later use. This is a great way to use coconut cream especially if you have a lot of it and you are not planning to use it in the next few days.

Coconut cream can only last for several days in the fridge so freezing is a much better option than throwing it away. Coconut cream is extremely tasty and a great way to experiment with different tastes and textures.

You can use it in salty and sweet dishes, because both of them are going to get that specific and delicious taste.

When freezing food it is very important to follow instructions because doing things that are not recommended are going to make you ruin your food or it might lose its taste.