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Bubble, Blister on Eyeball – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Although very rarely, blisters on eyes appear, in relation to other diseases, such as heart and blood vessels, malignant diseases of other organs, severe traumas with a deadly outcome, and the eye can be a place where some of the malignant cells that can cause lethal illness will be embedded. Do not panic we emphasize that this is relatively rare in relation to other serious illnesses.

In today’s text we are going to talk about eyes in general and small blisters or bubbles that can appear on our eyes. We are going to see potential causes and how we can treat them.

Bubble blister on the eye

These mall blisters or bubbles on the eye or on the eye socket are usually harmless and they are caused by irritation or in time when you have a cold. They are not dangerous at all and they usually disapper by themselves.

They can also be caused by touching your eye with dirty hands. In most cases, the bubble does not require special treatment and most often disappears by itself. If your wounded eye is long lasting and getting more and more painful, your doctor may recommend you antibiotics or surgery.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and the reparation is fast, and the complications are minimal. However, the operation is still the last measure in the treatment of barley.

If you have a blister on the eye, do not try to squeeze out the manure from it or water, as this can cause infections. Put a warm lining on the closed eyes to relieve pain, and when the towel loses heat, repeat it.

If you wear lenses, keep them clean and try to always maintain eye cleanliness, otherwise you have more chances to get a barrier or some other eye infection.

It is advisable not to use lenses for patients who already have developed symptoms. Take care of the makeup hygiene that you put near your eyes. The makeup itself must be hygienically guarded, brushes regularly cleaned. Do not go to bed before removing makeup. Consult an expert about the resources you use in the area

Eat two garlic cloves garlic each day to strengthen the immunity. Brew tea from the following plants: eyes (which will help you calm down any inflammation in the area), lizard or marigold. Use the covers of these teas every two hours. Make sure that the coats are not hot to prevent burns.

Drink two cups of red-eyed tea (echinacea), wicker, seal, broccoli and peppermint tea to help strengthen immunity. Vitamin C, flavonoids and fish oil can certainly help you in the treatment of barley on the eye. Since home treatment can relieve pain, and folk recipes are never enough – leave your barley recipe in the commentary.

Identify early changes

The general rule is that malignant disease can be fully cured or successfully alleviated if it is detected at the right time. As far as the eye is concerned, there are early signs that anyone can notice and react to. These are the changes that are seen on the outside and front of the eye with a plain view of the mirror.

However, there are also the underlying evils that develop in the eye. They are not visible, they do not hurt nor break sight. For them, we will not even know them until they are discovered by eye examination. If we are lucky to find it at an early stage, malicious changes can be successfully overcome by today’s methods of treatment.

Change to the eyelid skin

All changes on the skin of the face and eyelids can be seen in the mirror or by looking at the eye or someone else warns us of them. No need to immediately think of the worst. If they do not pass, they grow or disappear and they appear again in the same place, it is useful to ask the opinion of the ophthalmologist.

Changes in the eyelid skin may look like chestnuts, soft or nipple warts, mole, pimples, subcutaneous growths, etc. It can be a common healing but a malicious creation. If an ophthalmologist does not have a normal transient change, he will refer the patient to a skin dermatologist, dermatologist. Even if the change in skin is really suspicious, he will suggest surgical removal and analysis of the removed tissue. This is a common procedure for suspect newborns anywhere in the body.

Leather eyelashes, however, fall into a particularly delicate area because of its little available. Any tissue cut in the area of ​​the eyelid requires the wrinkle of the remaining skin to connect the defect site. Sometimes the remaining skin does not have enough, so it has to be transplanted from another suitable place.

The scar and the changed shape of the eyelids can result in insufficient eye closure. Thus, it may happen that the wound is removed completely, the risk of malignant disease is at the beginning, but the problem remains the closing of the eyebrows, which leads to lifelong drying of the eye, closing scratches, tears, etc.

On the one hand we are cured, on the other hand we have lifelong the inconveniences that remind us that the ears of the skin have grown somewhat.

Often, later, patients are asked if the erection should be touched at all. Rather than being happy to be cured, they are bothering them later on complications. Believe me, you better not know how it would have been that the spleen remained and spread.

Because of all this, it is very important not to postpone the ophthalmologist’s departure. The smaller part of the skin is affected and must be removed, the later complications will be less pronounced.

Sclera changes

The front of the eye is also available for viewing on the mirror. On a transparent conjugate (conjunctiva) that covers the sclera, the patients themselves often establish the existence of yellowish nodules. They all ask what’s growing on it.

You should always take care of yourself. If you see such a kind of benevolent change, you will surely react to others. I resent them by explaining that pale-colored scleras are often seen in people whose eyes tend to blink a lot. The eyes then continually strut the horizontal flap of the conjunctiva. In the horizontal line, the equator of the eye, a kind of “blush” is created. The heavier conjunctivities are still filled with greenness that thickens the yellow color. It can only bother aesthetically, but it is completely harmless. It is not necessary to remove it because sometimes the scar of the operation is even more noticeable. A good sight should be achieved with the optical device so that the eye can be strained and blinked.

However, changes to the whites may be brown in color, such as mole. Like any skin on the skin, which is already widely spoken and written in the public, so that whites may be mischievous if it was created and before it did not exist. Immediate ophthalmologist!

If it exists since childhood, it is always of the same color, size and shape, then it is usually benign and needs to be monitored only by occasional checkups.

Root and lenses – a miracle of nature

These tissues are made of living cells, yet they are crystal clear as glass. They are also special because they do not have blood vessels whose presence will reduce the passage to light.

Such tissues are self-preserved by malicious changes, but they can, however, extend from the environment and cover translucent structures (a picture of dermoid cysts from the book “Transplant of the cornea”).

Where there is pigment, there are dangers

All parts of the eye socket other than the cornea are covered with pigment. What does he do? Pigment is a chemical substance of dark color that absorbs light rays and serves as a barrier. In this way, the inside of the eye behaves as a dark chamber or inside the camera. It is known that the light must go into the eye through the pupil and stay in the eye for it the picture was as clear as possible. Without the pigment, the eye would be transparent and the light air would simply extend it through it. What we would see at that time would be just a shimmering picture without clear colors and contrasts. That pigment in the eye is the most salient change that can be transmitted and turned into malignant melanoma. Pigment cells have a lively metabolism.

They are constantly renewing. Both on the skin and in the eye, they are constantly impacted by the light but also by the harmful air of the solar spectrum that alter the chemical reactions in them. Therefore, it is not surprising that at any given moment some cells, full of pigments, can take control and begin to create new cells of the changed structure that are plagued by something malicious. That is another good reason to emphasize the importance of wearing glasses with a protective UV filter! Pigment cells in the eye just in the beginning, we do not even know about them. It can only be discovered by an ophthalmologist.

Early changes in small dimensions today are successfully treated with a laser or radioactive inserts that are inserted into the outer side of the eye, as close to changes in the brain (brachytherapy). Larger size eyes are not suitable for such treatment? Therapy will, in consultation with the patient, be selected by a team of physicians who, besides the ophthalmologist, include more internists, oncologists and others. Since then it is a serious illness, life threatening, it is important that the patient does not shy away from the ghost. It is necessary, with the support of the fellow and the faith of the doctor, to persevere in the desire to heal and defame the illness that as if only waiting to surrender and to overcome it.

Malicious Illness in a Pediatric Eye Unfortunately, no pediatric eyes are spared. Fortunately, malignant retinoblasts rarely determine one in 10,000 newborn babies. It is inherited. The suspicion gives us a whitish glow from the pupils of one or both eyes. The eye in which the retinoblast usually does not see well and therefore looks “in the cross”. Neonatologists still at maternity and pediatrician after a month, always pay attention to these signs and advise parents to have an ophthalmologist with a child if you find anything suspicious.

Brain can also be affected by brain tumors There is an enlargement of the pituitary gland which, with its size, is pressed by visual nerves at the site of their intersection. One of the major signs of such a tumor in the head is the loss of half of the visual field on both eyes.

Although this is not the cause of the eye’s own illness, the consequences of seeing it significantly diminish the quality of the patient’s life. Treatment belongs to the neurosurgeon. The ocularist can only monitor the success of neurosurgical therapy by looking at the ocular background and visual field testing. Distant metastases Much more common than the primary malignant tumors, the eye can be found in the so-called. secondary tumors. These are distant tumors of some other organs, such as the breast or lung.

As a rule, it is not treated in isolation, but within general cancer of the main tumor, which should destroy the main tumor and its metastases. Here, this display of some malignant eye disease should alert you to the attention you deserve, not only because of the quality vision, but, knowing all this, to preserve health and extend life.

We do not wait for years when we need glasses, because then we can stay awkwardly surprised by what the ophthalmologist will find. It is remarkable that, compared to other deadly illnesses, such diseases in the eye really happen very rarely. Still possible. This is the reality that, unfortunately, needs to be prepared. It is important to know the signs of early recognition of the disease when, fortunately, we can still cure it.